Lien Searches

Lien Searches

Before a dealership buys a vehicle, or insurers and lenders attach themselves to a VIN, it's critical to know every vehicle's lien status.
  • Eliminates potential hassles
  • Ensures smoother transactions
  • Includes lien holder notifications
Open Recall Searches

Open Recall Searches

The last thing dealerships want is to buy or sell potentially dangerous vehicles with open recalls. Now you can check the status before making deals.
  • Ensures customer safety
  • Protects against possible litigation
  • A great selling tool for dealers

Law Enforcement Vehicle Alerts

Your dealership can avoid vehicles with potential law enforcement issues, including theft and fraud status.
  • Accurate data sourced through NVS (National Vehicle Service)
  • Timely alerts save dealerships time and money
  • Help connect VINs to legal owners
How it Works

How LienQuery Works

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It’s free to sign up for LienQuery and easy to set up your account log in.

Choose Your Plan

Determine the pricing plan that fits your needs, from the popular 10-search package to our 1000-search plan for queries that cost just a dime apiece.

Enter the VIN

You can search for lien information on a single VIN or perform batch queries of thousands of VINs.

Get the Data

LienQuery searches a comprehensive VIN Locator database to immediately inform you of a vehicle’s lien status.

Who is Using

Used Auto Dealers

Before your dealership buys a vehicle or takes one in on trade, it’s critical to have the big picture of that automobile’s lien and open recall status. LienQuery puts that information at your fingertips.

Vehicle Lending Companies

Having up-to-date lien status information is vital when issuing automotive financing or considering a vehicle as collateral against a loan. Trust LienQuery for the data you need.

Loan Portfolio Purchasers

LienQuery makes it simple to execute a batch query of thousands of VINs when considering the purchase of a vehicle loan portfolio.
Who is using LienQuery?

Pricing That Fits Your Needs

Need just a handful of searches? Want the assurance of having 1,000 queries at your command? We have you covered.

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10 VIN Searches

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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

We rely on Locator Technologies for our data. Locator is the leading provider of timely, money-saving information to the auto finance, auto insurance, and towing industries. There are more than 30 million VINs in the Locator system, covering over 85% of all vehicles financed in America.

Payment for VIN searches is by credit card for whichever plan fits your needs.

While LienQuery does provide useful data to towing companies and impound lots, a solution more tailored for those industries is

Absolutely! Just call 310-428-7794 or and a knowledgeable advisor will be happy to help you.

Yes, but the notifications don’t always make it to the current owner in a timely fashion, or at all since used vehicles often change hands so frequently. Or, past owners receive a recall and choose to do nothing about it.

LienQuery uses manufacturers' data to determine the open recall status on vehicles for the benefit of public safety and to alert lien holders and consumers via Locator Technologies’ vehicle lien database of potential safety issues.

Law enforcement vehicle alerts are available to licensed automobile dealers only. Law enforcement alerts are provided at no cost to authorized businesses involved in the registration, purchase and sale of motor vehicles.